Happy New Year!

On this episode of Pop Culturally Insensitive (PCI) the guys discuss everything they’ve been up to. We start the show off by looking back at some of our favorite things from 2015. Anthony and co talk about their favorite movies, books, tv and music from that year. Next, we dive into Quentin Tarantino’s newest film, “The Hateful Eight.” What we liked, what we didn’t and where we see the director’s future going. After that we discuss a few of the movies we saw over the Holiday break. We round out the show talking about some of the movies coming in 2016 and which ones we’re most excited about. Sit back, relax, and thanks for listening. Enjoy :D”

The Show

  • Introduction
  • Anthony (and co.) look back of some of their favorite things from 2015. – Pimp A Butterfly, Mad Max, Batman
  • The Hateful Eight Discussion Spoilers
  • What we’ve been watching (The Revenant, Steve Jobs, Spotlight, Anomalisa, more)
  • Sherlock Christmas Special
  • Looking Ahead to 2016.

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