“On this episode of Pop Culturally Insensitive (PCI) the guys discuss everything they’ve been up to. We start the show off discussing Deadpool. What we liked, what we didn’t, and what does this mean for the landscape of superhero movies (if anything). Next, we dive in and talk about HBO’s newest show, VINYL. Everybody loves Raymond … right? After that the guys discuss what they’ve been up to. 90’s adventure games, Del Toro mystery movies, and the silicon prairie are just a few of the topics discussed. Sit back, enjoy, and thanks for listening :D”


  • Introduction
  • Deadpool! BANG, BANG!
  • Vinyl – What we liked, what we didn’t, does it have a future?
  • Discussions: Grim Fandango and 90’s adventure games, Crimson Peak, Halt and Catch Fire, Zoolander 2 and more!
  • Brief discussion on the newest Daredevil trailer.

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