Hey everyone! On a special episode of Pop Culturally Insensitive, we have a 1on1 interview with Thomas Della Bella, the director of the upcoming horror movie, The Remains. We talk directing on a micro budget,  what it’s like to make 100’s of decisions a day, the horror genre in general, and working with child actors. As always, thanks for listening! 😀

  • What is The Remains about?
  • Adapting Thomas’ short film Open House into a feature length film.
  • What are some of Tom’s influences? For the film/as a director in general.
  • Managing 100’s of decisions a day as a director
  • Working with such a diverse cast of actors (Age, experience)
    • Working with incredibly young actors (Dealing with SAG, Directing them)
  • 14 Days, Micro Budget — How did Tom deal with his limited time and resources?
  • outro

Below you can find a list of theaters that The Remains will be playing at when it releases this Friday, August 5th. The film will also be available to purchase on iTunes.

Come Play with Me Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License



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