BvS: The Ultimate Edition (July 31st, 2016)
Director: Zack Snyder
Starring: Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Jesse Eisenberg, and Amy Adams


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Rating: 9/10


White Lightning (August 2nd, 2016)
Director: Joseph Sargent
Starring: Burt Reynolds, Ned Beatty, Matt Clark, and Jennifer Billingsley


If Burt didn’t have a string of bad luck or a growing sense of laziness as he got older, he’d be up there with Clint for me.  He’s just so instantly watchable and charismatic that you can ignore any weaknesses of a movie and just have a good time.  Which for many of his films, that’s how they become watchable.  These aren’t cinematic classics that alter storytelling.  He made some Deep South fun with cars playing central roles in the movie.  This being one of the first ones there, it’s maybe not as well made a product as the later ones.  Maybe it has to do with Hal Needham not being the director.  The car work is good because he did the stunts for this movie, but maybe having his mind behind the entire endeavor I’d like this a little more.  As is it’s still pretty good.  Maybe because the movie has some real stakes to it that the goofy side of it doesn’t mesh as well to me as compared to the straight up goofy movies like Smokey and The Bandit? Cause I like the revenge plot and I like the good times stuff.  But there’s a bit of a disparity here.  Overall I like this though.  I like how the plot basically makes the case that snitching is disreputable but that Burt has no other option but to snitch just so he can get out of prison to get revenge.  That’s a nice little ambiguity to the thing, as even Burt gets nuts when he’s called a snitch.  I like how the bad guy (Beatty) is just a slob of a fat guy that really shouldn’t be this feared, but he is because he’s a bit ruthless.  I like how the plot comes in to focus, and how it’s about the conservatism of the South reaching poisonous levels in the face of the long haired hippies that represent the future.  That these kids weren’t even really doing anything to harm anyone, not even doing anything to harm Beatty’s business as a shitheel in cops clothing.  Just what they represented got him killed and Burt just can’t really grasp the philosophical aspect of it.  If it was just as simple as the dirty cops were in danger of being outed by him, he could get that.  But it also makes him a little more mad, as it was something so unnecessary.  There’s a bit of a diversion with him on a job where a little love triangle kind of breaks out that takes up a little too much time for my liking, but at least it gets us to the Home For Unwed Mothers that resolves the narrative for us.  And the ending is great, with a cool car chase that ends in a great and iconic way.  The way Burt overcomes Beatty is great.  And even the final images of the movie is bittersweet.  For all the popcorn entertainment the movie provides, it isn’t very easy goings for those involved.  Also nice to see Reynolds and Beatty reunited after the invasive experience in Deliverance, with this being a much more easy going experience no matter how you cut it.  It’s a fun little movie that gives us a great Burt performance in a movie that plays a little heavier than it’s rep would suggest.  And it’s the movie that connected Burt and Needham together to form such a fascinating friendship and working partnership.


Rating: 8/10


Suicide Squad (August 4th, 2016)
Director: David Ayer?
Starring: Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Joel Kinnaman, and Viola Davis


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3103474-4+suicidesquad Rating: 5/10

Top Movies

1. BvS: Ultimate Edition
2. White Lightning
3. Suicide Squad

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