So,  I come bearing some sad news for all 3 of you that follow this here site.  I’m gonna be easing back on writing here.  Where I would at the very least have a weekly update for the site, I will be slowing down on that.  Once a month will be the new timeline, ranking everything I saw in the month with a write up of the top 4.  Now and then I’ll write up a full review of a new release or something that gets my engine revving.  But honestly, I’m burned out.  I’m feeling like I’m wasting my time, shouting into the abyss while I have so little time for anything else.  Working a full time job is a killer, and adding this on to it is a real drain.  So while this isn’t a good bye, it’s a see ya later.  Maybe some day down the road I’ll be reinvigorated and jump back in full force.  Or maybe I’ll actually get a job writing for a legit site.  Until then, see ya. I got some fiction to write.

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